Third Trimester Recap

Hey everyone! By now you know that baby Elliott has arrived, but I thought I'd wrap up my pregnancy recap series with a final look at my third trimester! This trimester was definitely more bearable than the first (thanks morning sickness), but it also felt like an ETERNITY. We are so grateful she arrived happy, healthy, and nine days early ;) 


  • I ate SO MUCH this trimester. My cravings from the second trimester stuck around, so began my habit of eating two bowls of Honey Bunches of Oats and a giant chocolate bar everyday. My body is really thanking me for this now - ha!


  • I started getting restless legs at night around week 29, which led to insomnia! I spent a lot of nights on the couch eating cereal and watching West Wing.
  • I thought I'd made it through this pregnany without swelling - but sure enough I got the cankles by the end! I could only wear one pair of slip on shoes and had to pick up a pair of loafters two sizes up during one mall excursion.
  • Only Eric noticed this one, but apparently when I did sleep I started snoring. I also drooled A TON - so gross. 


  • I kept up with my weekly prenatal yoga classes at Yoga One - highly recommend those if you're pregnant in Charlotte!
  • It definitely got very hard to move around. I did take daily walks around the neighborhood towards the end - but even those were tough!


  • So much excitement and anticipation for her to arrive!
  • Still a lot of feelings that something was going to go wrong with baby while she was in the womb - I had a constant fear that she wasn't moving enough even though she kicked constantly haha. 
  • In the last few weeks I was READY for her to be out - even if that meant labor! In week 37 I started eating all the labor-inducing things and got a membrane sweep, which I think freaked Eric out. Hey - it worked though and she arrived in week 38!

Memorable moments

  • Our babymoon to Charleston! Even though traveling super pregnant was not as fun, it was great to get one last trip together just Eric and I. Not sure when we'll be able to travel again, so that makes our trip extra special!
  • My shower! My family and I had so much fun decorating and putting together my baby shower. Not to mention our friends and family poured out the love for baby with so many gifts. Everyone at the shower made Elliott a burp cloth and headband, and its been so special to use those these first few weeks. 
  • I finished her nursery (with lots of help from my parents). It's officially my favorite room in the house!
  • Eric and I both got new baby-friendly-mobiles prior to her arrival, but we almost had nothing! A few weeks before Elliott, Eric hopped out of the drivers seat without turnibg off the car (or putting it in park? In his defense it's an automatic and keyless ignition, so lots of new things). I was of course getting out of the car and it starts to roll backwards. Thankfully he was able to hop back in and stop it, but not before the passanger door got ripped off! I did a lot of walking those last few weeks ;)
  • We did all our baby classes this trimester - a child birth class, baby cpr, taking care of baby, and breastfeeding. We immediately forgot everything, but it was a good way to keep busy haha. 
  • We started doing weekly trivia with friends at a nearby brewery and it became a great way to take my mind off things. We named our team "Last Night Out" at our final outing, which turned out to be very fitting as I went into labor a few hours later!
  • Going into labor and finally meeting baby E! You can read her birth story here.