Second Trimester Recap

It's finally here - the last three months of pregnancy! I know I complained a lot in my last recap post about it going slowly, but this trimester really did seem to just draggg on. Probably because you automatically miss 5-6 weeks in the first trimester before you know you're pregnant, and you don't have the impending due date of the third trimester to really speed up time.

Regardless of how time passed, I'm happy to report baby and I are both feeling and doing great! Super ready to enter these last 12 weeks and get to meet baby girl soon :) 


  • My appetite finally returned! I have wanted all things high in fat and sugar - so everyday has been several (yes several) bowls of cereal and a chocolate bar or some sort of chocolate candy. 


  • I was still on that nausea train well into my second trimester (at the very least it ended there!). I started feeling a lot better by week 16 and by week 18 it was completely gone!
  • I started showing right around Christmas, and in the last two months have gotten a full pregnant-looking belly complete with an outie and linea nigra. 
  • By week 27 I definitely started to feel the uncomfortable side of pregnancy. I usually love to work/hang out on the couch, but lately it's been very uncomfortable for me to sit on! Sleep is also starting to get difficult without a million pillows. 
  • Peeing all the time!
  • I just recently starting having the area just below my breast get that tingly, foot-fell-asleep feeling several times a day. An internet search says this could be when baby is hitting a nerve, but no clear answers. You can imagine how awkward I look trying to get rid of this feeling while out in public!
  • Definitely have some slowness of breath - even after just walking around the house


  • I started taking some prenatal yoga classes, which have been really great! It's incredible how much your body changes and you can't do things you're used to doing, so these classes have helped me feel a little more normal!
  • With the winter weather, I've definitely been lazier than usual - but I have still been trying to get some other activity in. Usually I'll walk around the neighborhood with Miley or do the modified version of Insanity Max:30.


  • Still lots of excitement!
  • I wrote about this a bit more here - but I definitely had a lot of feelings of loneliness/idleness this trimester. Hard to pinpoint if this was all pregnancy, or just so many life changes at once. 
  • I'm pretty much always convinced something is going wrong with baby (I ate something I shouldn't have, I haven't gained enough weight, I gained too much weight, haven't felt her kick enough, etc.) Eric doesn't understand my freakouts yet, but we'll just wait for his turn once she's born!

Memorable moments

  • We got found out we're having a girl! Things started to get so exciting at that point. We went to one of those 4D ultrasound places to do an earlier reveal and I highly recommend it (the anatomy scan at the doctor's office was kind of scary/not fun). We did a gender reveal party complete with pink chocolate covered marshmallows.
  • One of Eric's favorite stories to tell now about my earlier pregnancy days is how someone passed gas at a party I was at and I immediately had to run and vomit in the sink #funtimes
  • Baby kicks! They are the best and what I now live for each day. I felt the first kicks in early December - which felt just like small flutters. Eric felt her a little bit on Christmas day, but then not again until the third week in January (she never seemed to move once I got him over to me). Now she kicks the crap out of me and you can see her moving around my belly. 
  • I officially moved into maternity clothing! The experience has been both stressful and fun - you can read about some of my first favorite places to shop here.
  • Baby things have started pouring in - making this all very real! Thanks to family and friends we've got a good chunk of the essentials already, and thanks to my online shopping habits we have a good amount of baby clothes.
  • We started getting her nursery together! I've had a lot of fun working on this space and it's really helped keep me sane these last few months. I should have it finished up in the next month or so and can't wait to reveal the space to you all!

Nicknames for baby

  • Mostly we call her baby girl, and occasionally still Tadpole. We do have a name picked out, but I'm keeping that a secret from the internet till she's born :)