First Trimester Recap

It still is hard to believe I’m already in my second trimester! At times the first 12 weeks crawled by sooo slowly, and other times I felt myself wondering where the time had gone.

I haven’t really done much to commemorate or remember my pregnancy yet (I need to get on those bump photos!), but I saw Megan of the Freckled Italian blog was doing these cute recaps of each trimester of her pregnancy and knew I had to do something similar for myself! Here’s what went down the last 12 weeks:


I have unfortunately been so nauseated the last few weeks I haven’t had too many cravings. I will think I want something, make Eric run out and get it, and as soon as it’s in front of me change my mind - ha! There are a few foods that have been my go-to’s though: 

  • Cottage cheese and peaches
  • McDonald’s Egg McMuffins
  • Fresh fruit
  • Reese’s peanut butter cups (I always eat these, so not sure if they count!)
  • Cereal with almond milk
  • Pepsi
  • Wendy’s Frosty, ice cream, and popsicles...this trimester hasn’t been the healthiest


  • Fatigue! I am so tired all the time
  • Restlessness. Despite the fatigue, I get extremely restless at night. Often I’ll wake up at 1-2 in the morning and do a bit of work or watch some tv before coming back to bed.
  • Nausea and vomiting - ick. I started getting occasional nausea in week 5, and all day nausea by week 6. By week 8 this baby didn’t want me to have any food! Fun times. I’m two weeks into the second trimester and still waiting for these symptoms to go away!
  • Terrible skin. I look like a teenager again.
  • I usually consider myself to have a great memory, but mom brain is a real thing. I’ve found myself already forgetting what I’m talking about mid-sentence or why I’ve walked into a room.
  • Bloating. I don’t really have a bump yet, but I’m often looking a little more pregnant than I am thanks to some bloating.


  • We were in California for the beginning of my pregnancy, so I got in lots of activity - from hiking to swimming, to walking for miles.
  • I took a few yoga classes upon first finding out, but since then I’m embarassed to say I’ve done NOTHING but a few walks here and there. This nausea has kept me from pretty much doing anything!


  • So much excitement!
  • Wondering if I’ll ever feel normal again
  • Constantly flipping between “this baby makes me feel terrible!” to immediate fear and “is this thing still in there?!”
  • Lots of anxiousness about telling folks and keeping a secret! It was sooo hard to not just tell everyone, especially when it was affecting my work or folks were questioning why I’d been such a hermit!

Memorable moments

  • Telling everyone was hands down the best part of this! It felt so good to see all the joy and happiness from everyone. Eric’s mom and her side of the family definitely had the best/most shocked reactions. We hung our first ultrasound pictures on the fridge and had Eric’s dad and best friends come over under the guise of checking out the new house remodel
  • My 12 week ultrasound was when this all become so real! Baby officially looks like a cute little human now and we got to see the face, brain, legs, and see the body wiggle around. We also got to hear the heartbeat which was just so neat!

Nicknames for baby

  • We’ve been calling the baby “Tadpole” since seeing those “this is what your baby looks like this week” pictures in one of the first few weeks. I’ve been loving the graphics from the Ovia app for a good giggle.