It's a...GIRL!

I am so excited to announce we are having a baby girl!! You know only ladies are allowed in the Morgan household (except for Eric of course!)

We weren't originally planning on doing a gender reveal for baby (Eric and I actually found out the gender a few days before!), but when Eric and our friend Toree came up with the idea to do a reveal around the Villa Heights marshmallows - we knew we had to do one!

For those of you that don't know, there was a bit of a scandal in our neighborhood surrounding a drone that was dropping bags of marshmallows in various yards. Eric and I became pretty obsessed with the idea, and even created shirts around the marshmallow vandal

So we set up a special drone delivery to our home with a batch of Eric's homemade marshmallows, and invited all of our family and friends over to see what color was inside the chocolate coating. It was so much fun and full of all love - we cannot wait to welcome this baby girl into the world with this fabulous group of people!

We passed out all the chocolate covered marshmallows and just before having folks bite into them, Eric blurted out that he used strawberry puree to make them. We can only keep a secret for so long :p

We can't wait to meet you baby girl!