My Garden-Themed Baby Shower

Hey everyone! Here to share some photos and details from my sweet baby shower this past weekend. 

When I was planning my friend Annie's shower a few months ago, one of her girlfriends sent me a post to a succulent-themed shower for my future baby (she didn't even know I was pregnant at the time), and I KNEW I had to do something similar. My family and I ran with the theme and ended up organizing a fun shower that was the perfect welcome for baby and spring. 

We hosted it at my house in an effort to reduce costs/make things easier, and it worked out great. Not only did my house get super clean, but I didn't have to lug any gifts around and everyone got to see the nursery. The chickens also got a lot of attention that day :)

The shower was so NICE you guys. I got to hang out with friends and family that I probably won't get to spend much time with for awhile, and I started the day feeling like I didn't have anything for baby, and ended it feeling like we were set and ready for her arrival! Everyone was so generous and I can't wait for them to meet this baby girl. 

We set up a clothes line in the house and had everyone email before or bring in a baby photo of themselves. It was such a cute way to fill the space and made for a great "guess who" game!

I picked up this book for super cheap (thanks to Dr. Seuss week!), and had guests sign a note in it for baby.

The succulents that inspired it all! We thanked guests with little baby plants to take home and grow themselves

How cute are these garden print baby clothes from H&M?! I had to pull these things out to use in the decor.

Instead of games, we all did a few crafts. Guests made headbands and stamped burp clothes with waterproof ink (and yes that is a Bella stamp!). These made for some great keepsakes for baby girl!

Easiest themed-snack ever: I dipped some pretzel rods in melted chocolate and stuck them in a clay pot. Instant cactus!

My stepdad also helped out with the food - ha!

I finally updated our chalkboard wall for the first time in a year with a little photo backdrop for the party. Definitely leaving this up for awhile!

Thanks so much to everyone that came and spent some time with me that afternoon - baby and I felt so special!