West Coast Trip: San Francisco

Alternate title: Baes in the Bay

San Francisco! Somehow I grew up in California and never made it to San Francisco. After our trek from Seattle to Portland, Toree and I said goodbye to our sweet friends and hopped on a plane to SF. This was the only part of the trip we didn't actually drive it  - don't remind me how we missed the Tunnel Tree forever :( :(.

It was pretty much a dream come true exploring the city of so many of my favorite 90s shows (Full house and Party of Five anyone??). More importantly though, it was awesome to catch up with one of our friends from UNC and an old friend from NMC/Durham. Sadly, Toree and I ordered Postmates for nearly every dinner, so I am already planning my return trip back to explore the food scene!

As a heads up, this post is full of mad photos because I am determined to wrap up this road trip series in the next couple weeks (someone keep me accountable??). 

Our first stop of the trip was Tartine Manufactory, which coincidentally had just opened the day before. It was jam packed with mommy brunchers that didn't give af and kept slamming into us with their strollers, but the staff and food was AMAZING. We loved watching them make the breads in the two-story oven, and the bartender hadn't gotten the liquor shipment in so he made us free juices to test. Win!

We couldn't come to SF without exploring at least one startup! We met up with my friend Tyler for a tour of Le Tote - which was filled with puppies and fiddle leaf figs, and was everything we imagined working at a startup in the bay area would be like.

Painted ladies!

Toree and I found the best uber driver, who kindly drove us by all the tourist stops and let us hop out quickly to snap some photos.

Golden Girls

This bridge really is so breathtaking.

The Palace of Fine Arts was the best resting spot after we wandered through the Presidio.

Toree and I decided we wouldn't have the full SF experience unless we hiked up some huge hills. I'm pretty sure we walked up a 90 degree half mile incline to get to this spot.

After hiking the hills all day we deserved a good drink right? If you love gin like I do, I highly recommend a visit to Whitechapel, a hip gin bar in the Tenderloin. Just look at that gin fizz!

Day 2: We ventured out with our friend Cameron to Alcatraz. The ferry ride was so chilly - but gorgeous!

I highly recommend that you don't miss doing an audio tour of Alcatraz, and I'm not a guided tour person. The stories were so immersive, and it's pretty surreal seeing everyone silently shifting through the prison.

I know this place was supposed to be terrible, but I was really feelin' the color palette/decor of this place.


Again - those colors!

SO GOOD. I seriously want my house to look like this.

Hipster dream home. Ok, I'll stop now.

After our prison cruise we grabbed lunch in the nearby Fisherman's Wharf at the Ferry Plaza Farmer's market. I grabbed some food from an organic gluten free meat place (so California, but it was amazing). I could have spent all day exploring the stalls here!

Our final tourist stop of the day was Land's End Park. The views here were phenomenal!

I spared you guys a photo, but this was actually a nude beach - only inhabited by a 60ish year old man sunbathing in the warm 50 degree weather.

Kuro! We lucked out finding friends with cute dogs for our entire trip.

Forever grateful to Cameron for letting us take over his living room for several days and taking us to all the best spots!

We ended our night at a fancy birthday party at Chambers Eat + Drink. Apparently it's very basic to take a photo of the "Be Amazing" sign, but I don't care - it's amazing!

So fancy!

We saw some amazing views this trip, but one of my favorites was definitely from the top of Corona Heights Park. So good.

I know I say "I'm already planning my next trip here" in every post, but I for real am this time - Eric and I will likely be back here in August! What should we do/see, and most importantly, EAT that I didn't do last year? I need all the recommendations!

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