West Coast Trip: Seattle Day 2

Going through all my photos from our girl's road trip down the west coast is giving me such an itch to travel again (or at least hunt down a good cocktail!). I took so many photos in Seattle I had to split it into two blog posts - you can read the first one here. While we spent much of the first day exploring downtown and doing touristy things, we spent our second day exploring some of the surrounding neighborhoods Capitol Hill, Fremont, and Ballard. We had such a fun day brunching, exploring all the shops, picnicking, and of course finding all the good cocktail spots. 

We started our day at one of my favorite restaurants from the entire trip - Oddfellows. The interior is breathtaking, everyone was super friendly - and the food was so amazing!

Somehow this was my first encounter with avocado toast - which I haven't stopped eating since

You didn't do brunch right if you don't follow it up with ice cream. Thank goodness the amazing Molly Moon's is right next to Oddfellows.

Alright, maybe we did one touristy thing - had to stop and take a few pictures with the Fremont Troll!

Hands down would have bought this if I could have fit it in my suitcase!

I'm so amazed with this walkway outside of Fremont Brewing. Can someone please build this in my front yard???

Best Seattle vacation idea: picnic in Gas Works park. This was probably my favorite spot to view the city skyline from, and wandering around all the relics of the former plant was seriously cool.

Our cutest trip companion, Aivey.

Be sure to wander up to the top of the hill to check out the sun dial! And of course take cheesy girl pics.

We spent the end of the day bar hopping in Ballard (which is incredibly charming). This place was the only one that let us bring Aivey on the patio and had the biggest scotch selection I'd ever seen, so they get an A+ from me.

Best cocktails from this trip? Percy's! Most of their signature drinks are made from herb infused liquors. It was here I discovered cilantro-infused gin, which is TO DIE FOR. Cheers!

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