West Coast Trip: Seattle Day 1

Guys, there are only six weeks left in 2016. SIX WEEKS. Not sure what happened to the second half of this year, but it has flown by - perhaps because I spent most of it traveling? I realized I've got such a backlog of travel photos that I haven't even looked through again this year - so I'm going to use the blog as an excuse to go through and actually edit all of them. Hope you're ready for lots of fun travel posts!

Despite being born on the west coast, I've never really traveled farther north than Los Angeles (at least since I can remember). When some girlfriends of mine said they were doing a trip exploring Seattle to Portland, I jumped at the chance to join and extend my trip all the way down the coast to Los Angeles (where my grandma lives). 

We started our trip in Seattle, which quickly became one of my favorite cities. You often hear about Seattle being dreary, and rainy, but in the summertime it's perfect cool temperatures and crystal clear skies. We spent two and a half days in the city and didn't even come close to seeing all that we wanted to see - so I'm already itching to get back!

Seattle is FILLED with crows. The neighborhood we stayed in, Columbia City, seemed to have a crow theme going on. I think we counted over 100 crow decorations inside our airbnb!

We visited Columbia City Bakery every day for our coffee fix. Highly recommend this cute place if you're not into the whole Starbucks thing.

There was so much to do around the Space Needle - I think we could have spent the entire day there. A local told us that we had to try and touch the International Fountain without getting drenched. Of course we weren't successful :)

So obsessed with the Space Needle - can't believe I whittled down my pictures to just 3 for this post!

We of course stopped in at Dicks for a quick and cheap lunch. Good, but definitely doesn't compare to In-N-Out!

We stumbled across the best playground below the Space Needle and I think were the only adults to try out the slides.

We stopped into London Plane, a cute brunch/flower shop downtown. Unfortunately we'd already eaten, but I definitely want to stop back in next time I'm back to try the food.

Pike's Place Market is kind of hell on earth if you hate crowds, but was worth going to for some snacks and to see the fish throwing!

Definitely grab some of these flavored noodles from the Pappardelle's stand you're ever there - so tasty!

Taking photos of vegetables like I've never seen them before!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to those of you that recommended Rachel's Ginger Beer across from Pike's Place. The line was long, but the drinks were so worth the wait. I ordered one of their cocktails and snuck it out to-go for our ferry ride!

Downtown is covered in the most amazing planters on the sides of the buildings. Can I just cover my house in these??

I insisted we ride the ferry while we were there because I'm obsessed with Grey's Anatomy (very unrealistic that they would actually take the ferry to work btw). We boated over to Alki beach, and the views of the city were amazing!

Scenes from the metro. I was feelin this dude after walking all day.

Not pictured, but we also grabbed seafood from the Salted Sea in Columbia City (delicious!), and some amazingly creative cocktails from Canon. Toree and I couldn't resist ordering the "Transfusion", which was a mixed punch served in a blood bag. Stay tuned for day two of our trip!