West Coast Trip: Astoria

After visiting Seattle, our next big stop on our west coast road trip was Portland. Along the way, we stopped in the town of Astoria to squeeze in a hike and grab lunch. Astoria is at the mouth of the Columbia River in the top left corner of Oregon. It's GORGEOUS as you're about to see, and I think I could have spent a few days relaxing in this charming little town. Enjoy some photos from the morning we spent there:

To get to Astoria from Washington, you cross a huge bridge spanning the Columbia River. We had to hop out just before crossing the grab some photos because the views were too gorgeous!

We didn't have much time to explore the food scene, but I highly recommend Street 14 Cafe for a quick bite. Amazing food, decor, and Stumptown coffee ftw.

Check out that Old J.C. Penney! So much charm walking along these streets.

After wandering around town, we did a short hike on the Cathedral Tree trail. This was our first time seeing any PNW nature on the trip, and let me just tell you that none of of the following pictures do it justice!

Get ready for 10,000 photos of trees because I'm OBSESSED.

Banana slug spotted!

While I didn't get a chance to visit the Redwoods this trip, I'm so glad we saw the Cathedral Tree. It's MASSIVE, and of course we all promptly sat inside it for photos.

Our travel dog, Aivey decided to roll around in some mud while we were enjoying the trees. This made for a fun ride in the backseat with her!

You can't go on a trip without taking a photo of a yoga pose in nature...

At the top of the trail are some amazing views of the river and bridge. I could have sat here all day!

These views are MAGIC

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