Iceland Part V: Reykjavik + the Blue Lagoon

It's finally here you guys – my last Iceland post! I know Eric is the most excited about this because I told him he couldn't post any photos to Facebook until I'd written all my blog posts. Then I promptly took a month and a half to publish them all. Heh!

We spent less than 24 hours in Reykjavik and I wouldn't have had it any other way. Iceland's most exciting/beautiful/must-see things definitely lie outside of the city - so keep that in mind if you ever plan a trip there. That said, we enjoyed some lovely views, met some great people, and had some AMAZING food in the capital - which was much welcomed after a week of eating mostly snacks from the grocery store. 

Enjoy some snippets from our first and last few hours in Iceland!

We landed in Iceland at 5am (ahhh!). We wanted to hit the Blue Lagoon first since it was on our way to our first AirBnB, but it didn't open till 10. We killed a few hours by exploring the otherworldly landscape and some surrounding suburbs.

How cute is this Icelandic fire truck?

These mod houses tho...

Some people will tell you not to bother with the Blue Lagoon because it's expensive, man-made, and crowded. Don't listen to those people. The Blue Lagoon definitely wasn't cheap or secluded, but it was GORGEOUS. It also proved to be the perfect spot to relax after a long flight.

Now fast forward to the last day of our trip...Reykjavik! The entire city was covered in the BEST street art and colorful houses.

We stayed steps away from the Hallgrimskirkja church, which everyone climbs up to get a view of the city.

The elevator/lines to get up took FOREVER, but the views were worth it. Just look at those colored rooftops!

Our cute airbnb in an old converted garage.

Of course, we were most excited about the food in Reykjavik. We ate at a hip brunch spot called Coocoo's Nest, followed by dinner at Pizza Place With No Name (yep, it really has no name, and no markings on the door). My only regret is that I paid $20 for that cocktail. Thanks Icelandic alcohol taxes! The artisan pizza on the other hand was worth every penny.

After dinner, we ventured upstairs to a Mikkeller & Friends, a microbrewery where the head brewer collaborates with other brewers around the world to develop his recipes. It was filled with friendly people and fun to try beers brewed in the US.

Single Glove Speed Dating

Our final meal at Bergsson Mathus. We ate good here!

The perfect end to our trip. We miss you already Iceland!

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