Iceland Part I: Central Iceland

Ahh, Iceland. I was considering calling this series: Ponies, Waterfalls, Hot Tubs, and Rainbows, which I think perfectly describes the essence of our trip. Iceland is a beautiful, beautiful country that I would highly recommend to anyone wanting an adventurous vacation. The landscape is like nothing else I've seen before, and pictures just do not do it justice.

Eric and I knew we wanted to take a trip abroad this spring. We were tossing around different ideas when I found some extremely affordable tickets to Iceland through WOW Air. Iceland has been on my bucket list for awhile now so we booked immediately (and conveniently on the weekend of our one year anniversary!). 

We rented a car and traveled through Iceland for a week - staying in Airbnb's (our favorite while traveling). We spent our first three nights on the Golden Circle route in a secluded apartment not far from Selfoss. Most of these pictures cover days two and three from our trip. Enjoy!

Our sweet little airbnb we stayed in the first three nights. Also, everywhere we stayed had a hot tub and now I'm convinced I need one!

Faxi waterfall. The first of hundreds of waterfalls we'd see on this trip.

Iceland fed my pony obsession well. These little guys were all along the roadside as you were driving. Dreams come true!

Strokkur the Geysir. Never been colder in my life than I was waiting for this thing to blow. Temps were around ~32 degrees F our entire trip, which wasn't so bad until you had wind and water blowing at you!

Gullfoss - one of the largest waterfalls we saw on our trip. It's tiered – so it's hard to tell just how massive it is, but it is stunning in person.

So cold.

The best branded beer I found in Iceland.

We didn't eat out much in Iceland (restaurants are few and far between - and expensive), but when we did eat out - we ate well. This was at Efsti-Dalur II, a restaurant connected to the farm. We sat right next to the cows as we ate our steaks :o Sorry cows!

Random pit stop we made for a waterfall we saw along the roadway. Loved this one, but now I can no longer find the name! If anyone knows, please leave a comment :)

On our waterfall tour, Eric saw this hill far off in the distance and decided we needed to check it out. Turned out to be a fabled battlefield, which we sadly can't find any information about online. The hike was extremely steep (I crab walked down), but gave us some amazing views.

Posts coming soon on more waterfalls and ponies (duh), Vik (the black beach), the blue lagoon, shark meat, and Reykjavik!