Iceland Part III: Thingvellir + Glymur

After spending three days staying in central Iceland and exploring the south coast, we headed west for our next B&B in Stikkysholmur. Along the way, we saw some amazing things that were worth a post all on their own. From the tectonic plates, to crystal clear waters on the fjord, to one of my favorite waterfalls of the entire trip. This may have been one of the most beautiful drives we made through Iceland (I know, I know, I keep saying that!). See for yourself below:

├×ingvallavatn, the largest lake in Iceland. Wishing our NC lakes were this blue!

Thingvellir, a national park, was our first stop on our trip back west. GORGEOUS views and some great hiking.

At Thingvellir you can get a great view of where the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates collide. Eric was ecstatic for some real-life science friday exploring.

Yep, I'll take one of those houses right there.

We found a few water-filled caves on our hike.

While heading to our next sight-seeing stop, we drove around our first fjord. Gah, it was so beautiful we had to stop and get out. Glass-like water, surrounded by ice-capped mountains.

Pondering life on the fjord

Ah Glymur. This was a last minute item thrown onto the itinerary, and we knew nothing about it. Most of the waterfalls in Iceland you could essentially drive right up to, hop out and grab some pictures, and then hop back in your car. Thinking this was the same - we started hiking towards it with no food or water. It ended up being the most difficult hike I've ever done and took us about 4 hours to complete. Thankfully, the views were so, so worth it. The pictures just do not do this place justice!

A portion of the hike required going through a cave - so cool!

...and walking across a log on a freezing river. So sorry I took your camera across this Josh! :)

After a good hour and a half - you could actually see the waterfall. Man, this thing is BEAUTIFUL. I really hate that it doesn't come across in the photo. Despite there being no trees, the surrounding area seemed very lush from all the moss and seagulls flying around. It was like a scene straight out of Jurassic Park.

A mini waterfall as we continued up the cliffs.

After the hike down, we were both sore, delirious, dehydrated, and HANGRY. We ate chip sandwhiches in the car (what else can you make with a loaf of bread and chips??), and headed for a real dinner at the Settlement Center. Ooh, this place did not disappoint. I paid way too much for a glass of wine and this lasagna - but boy did it hit the spot!

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