Iceland Part II: South Coast

Onto part two of our anniversary trip! This time, along the southern coast of Iceland.These were some of my favorite sites of our entire trip. Giant waterfalls, black beaches, sunsets over cliffs, and a natural pool. Sounds so dreamy, right?

Unfortunately, we didn't make it to the abandoned plane crash site that everyone photographs while there. I was so looking forward to it, but saw that it had been closed indefinitely after some vandalism just a few weeks before our trip so I didn't even bother to put it on our itinerary. Turns out it was open though, and we saw a ton of tourists flocking to it around magic hour. Would've made for some great photos, but we were tired and #hangry. Good to save something for the next time we're in Iceland I guess!

Seljalandsfoss. Super tall waterfall made extra cool because you could walk behind it! We also enjoyed some Icelandic hot dogs at this site (believe it or not, I didn't like them).

The surrounding area is covered in ice from the blowing water. So cool in photos, not so fun when walking around on it!

It was really amazing to walk behind the waterfall and see the views outward. Water was blowing everywhere, so I unfortunately couldn't stay back there long enough to get any great photos. Eric attempted some pictures with his phone closer to where the falls were hitting and got soaked!

Remember the volcano with the really long name that erupted in 2010 and caused airline hysteria? Here it is!

Skogafoss. Second favorite waterfall of the entire trip.


Vik! Loved wandering around in the cliffs and caves of this black sandy beach.

White sandy beaches are so overrated.

We drove around to the other side of the cliffs to get a better view of Dyrholaey - the awesome cliff pictured below. Sadly, there were no puffins on it (that we could see)

That white land back there? Glacier!

Secret Lagoon. Not technically on the South coast, but still one of my favorite spots. This is the oldest natural pool in Iceland - heated by a hot spring. We went near closing time and almost had the pool to ourselves. Can this be in my backyard please?

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