Three Years Married

It's Eric and I's 3rd anniversary today! I can't believe it's been three years already, and twelve years total that we've been together. This year has brought on a lot of new challenges for us, but most of the time it still feels pretty effortless (that is when you subtract my crazy pregnancy hormones from the situation - ha!). Something tells me those challenges aren't going to stop, but this next year might just be the best one for us yet :)

Per tradition, here's a recap of our last year together:


Traveling to Savannah. Lots of time riding bikes with friends. Getting our house looking GOOD. Traveling to NYC. Traveling to California. Finding out we were pregnant! Finding out we were having a little girl and feeling her grow along the way. Seeing Paramore again (one of the first concerts we ever saw together 12 years ago). Eric's little brother getting engaged. Seeing our friends Annie and Nathan become parents to the cutest little boy. Traveling to Charleston for one last trip before baby! Celebrating baby girl's impending arrival with all our family and friends.


Seeing Tremont, our wedding venue and place we met, get demolished. Accidentally flooding our house resulting in a full-on home reno we weren't prepared to take on. Eric having surgery and TWO root canals. All the stress, sickness, and trials that come along with pregnancy. Eric being away for three weeks to record an album. Saying goodbye to many of our friends as they moved away for adventures in new places. 


The couch and netflix was definitely our top date spot this year! We still try to frequent Haberdish (though it's often too crowded for us now). We also loved grabbing doughnuts from the Reigning doughnuts window.


Baby girl arriving! We are so excited to meet her, watch her grow, and take her on so many adventures with us :)  

Want to look back at our last two years? You can see year one here, and our year two recap here