One Year of Marriage

Eric and I's first anniversary has come and gone, and I still can't believe it! This year flew by for us (in the best of ways! time flies when you're having fun right?). In addition to our first wedding anniversary, this month marks 10 years of being together. So weird to think we've been with each other for a decade. We were so young when we first started dating and it's fun to look back on all that's happened. Since we've been together for so long, this year was really not too different for us. In fact, it may have been easier since we weren't in school, have any moves to make, homes to buy, or weddings to plan! 

As cheesy as this post is, I thought it would be fun to put together some tidbits of our first year of marriage to look back on. Here we go!

Things we loved: 

Traveling to France + Switzerland for our honeymoon. Getting a joint checking account (no more paypaling each other!). Referring to each other as "my husband" or "my wife" when talking to other people (our relationship feels like such a boss!).  Getting chickens (ok - mostly that was just me!). Exploring our new neighborhood. Visiting LA together. Not planning a wedding! 

Things we hated:

Figuring out things for our new home (a house adds a whole new level to arguments, doesn't it?). Not getting a mini pig (ok - that was just me).

Favorite date spots:

Lunch at Le's sandwiches. Dinners at Common Market. Bike rides around the neighborhood. Fancy eats and drinks around Charlotte. Cozied up with our dogs on the couch, binging shows on Netflix.

What we're looking forward to: 

Trips to Tennessee and NYC. Settling in to our new house. Building up our chicken empire!

Thanks for the best first year of marriage Eric. Can't wait for a million more!