Top 10 Design Favorites of 2016

I'll be the first to admit, I'm pretty terrible at sharing things I'm working on. I've got no portfolio up, and my dribbble shots are few and far between (I'm working at getting better!). My team at New Media Campaigns sat down last week for our year-in-review meeting. As I was listening to the presentation, I realized "Woah - we've worked on some awesome stuff this year!". So while I've been terrible at sharing throughout the year, I thought I'd put together a list of my favorite designs I've worked on - both with NMC and a few personal/side projects. Enjoy!

Home of Golf Website Design

1. Home of Golf

This might be one of my all-time favorite projects. NMC had the opportunity to redesign the website for I have always wanted to a travel/tourism site, and this one in my home state proved to be particularly fun. I had tons of amazing photography and a breathtaking ambient video to work with. That paired with the Pinehurst area's rich history - putting this design together came easy. The website has since won the Platinum award from the Destination Marketing Association of NC. Exciting stuff!

Hutch Law Website

2. Hutchison Law

NMC designed and built Hutchison Law's previous site a few years ago, but I had the chance to completely redesign the site this year in time for their 20th anniversary. I took the opportunity to really give them a slick and modern feel with lots of bold colors and prominent images. The site was named a Lawyerist's Best Law Firm Site of 2016, and featured in Unmatched Style. As an added bonus, I got to design a logo for their 20th anniversary, which went on the site, t-shirts, and other marketing materials. 

Pacify Website Redesign

3. Pacify App

I designed the logo and a landing page for Pacify with NMC a few years back, so it was really neat to get to design a full website for this startup. The site features lots of cool features and unique layouts. 

AIGA Charlotte Beer and Branding

AIGA Charlotte Beer and Branding

4. Beer and Branding

Each year, AIGA Charlotte partners designers with local homebrewers to design beer labels for a friendly brewing competition. I loved it so much last year that I did not one, but TWO submissions this year - one personal and one with a team of designers at Advent Coworking.

Andrew Goodman Foundation Website Design

5.  Andrew Goodman Foundation

NMC had the opportunity to redesign the website for Andrew Goodman Foundation. This nonprofit encourages civic action in young adults and has a powerful backstory from the civil rights movement. I had so much fun helping them create a modern and fun design that better told their story and connected them to university students. 

Margarita Confessionals Branding

6. Margarita Confessionals Branding

A majority of the design work I do is more corporate, so it was awesome to get to work on something more feminine and fun for my friends' dating podcast. This process actually inspired me to create a "Branding Your Business" class for Skillpop CLT (look out for that class again in January 2017!)

The Children's Partnership Website Redesign

7. The Children's Partnership

I'm lucky to get to work with many nonprofits through NMC - and this was a particularly fun one to design for. The Children's Partnership is an advocacy group that works on improving the lives of underserved children through healthcare and technology (how awesome is that?). The design has become one of my favorites and uses lots of fun colors, animations, and a unique layout.

LuAnn Bennett for Congress Website

8. LuAnn Bennett for Congress

If you didn't know, I design a lot of democratic campaign websites with NMC (I even gave a talk on it this past November). This candidate had amazing photos and a nice brand to start with, which led to a really fun website design. 

Jerry Richardson Tee

9. Jerry Richardson Tee

Ok, so skill-wise this wasn't my best design work - but it was one of the most fun and unique projects I've worked on, so it makes the cut! Eric and I came up with the idea to create some t-shirts of Carolina Panther's owner Jerry Richardson after always seeing cuts to his unimpressed expression after a game win. The Panthers went on to play Super Bowl 50 and the shirts went locally viral for a few days. We got to talk our way out of trouble with the Panther's team lawyer, sold out of all merchandise, and even made enough to cover our trip to Iceland in April. Project success! 

Henhouse Design Logo

10. Henhouse Design Logo

Of course I had to include my own logo in this! I couldn't be happier with how this turned out and how well it fits "me". You can read more about this logo here