Introducing Henhouse Design Co.

Drumroll please...I'm officially rebranding myself to Henhouse Design Co. This is something I've been working on since May, and I'm really excited to finally start sharing details of it with you. I wanted to fully launch with a new logo, site headshots, business card - but to be realistic that could take another year (why is designing for yourself so hard??). I really wanted to get something out before the end of this year, so thought I would just roll out my new name, logo, and a few fabulous headshots by Remy Thurston.

Henhouse Design - Ashley Morgan


I've been going through a bit of an identity crisis the last few years. First, I exchanged my very popular name for an even more popular name when I got married (Bennett > Morgan). As someone who'd built their career on the internet - things like domain names and social handles are really important to me. I'd always hated my previous social media handle (which was a misspelling of my last name because "Bennett" was never available - super confusing for everyone). Yet finding something that included Ashley Morgan in it was impossible. Not to mention the new name still feels really foreign to me - and not a good foundation for my brand. 

I've also been adding a ton of things to my resume over the years. When I came up with "Ashley Bennett Design" I was a junior in college and it was just the name for my flash portfolio website. I now do web design full time, blog, speak, teach, organize several community events, and have an instagram feed of animal photos that everyone seems to love. I needed something new that could better encompass all of those things.

Finally, I've never actually branded myself! All these years, and I've always just thrown up a quick site design and typed out a logo when I needed it for something. Branding is something I'm trying to grow more in both at NMC and as part of my freelance business, so it was time I sat down and started taking myself a little more seriously. 


If you follow along with me on social media, this name is a no-brainer (hello #morganchicks!). This name actually took a few YEARS to come up with though, and I don't think I could have landed on anything more perfect. I love the idea of crafting/building something new everyday (much like an egg), not to mention the tenacious and feisty spirit of the hens is something to strive for. 

So what do you think? I'm so excited to share more bits and pieces of my own brand with you down the road. If you're not following me already, be sure to follow my new handle: @henhousedsgn on instagram or twitter!

Henhouse Design - Ashley Morgan