West Coast 2017: Pebble Beach

I am sooo excited to finally share our west coast trip from last year with you all! If you remember, I took a road trip with my girl friends down the west coast in 2016. I couldn't wait to get back - so when Eric had to take a work trip to Pebble Beach, CA for Car Week, I decided to tag along. Eric's dad came along with us to do some golfing, while I explored and we reunited at night for dinner and car events.

It was a crazy once-in-a-lifetime thing to get to go to all of these events, and I took so many photos I had to split into multiple posts! Below are some of my favorites from my time in Pebble Beach/wandering Monterey County. 

Because the area is so crowded during this week, we actually stayed in a cabin out in Carmel Valley. Even though our cabin was only about 12 miles away from Pebble Beach, it took us an hour to get there in back. The final two miles to our cabin were the MOST INTENSE driving I've ever had to do - with so many twists and turns that it took 30 minutes. The upside is that this drive gave us some spectacular views!

After experiencing the drive to our cabin, I felt sort of bad for making Eric stay with us. His coworkers got to stay in the cutest midcentury modern home RIGHT on the beach #sorryeric.

The main event of the week is the Concours d'Elegance car show - which I'll devote an entire post to later. Cliff and I went to check out the event a few days early though. There are fancy car auctions going on, and most car companies have tents set up with new and concept cars on display.

This 1960's concept Cadillac was definitely one of my favorite cars of the weekend!

How cute is the new VW bus?!

We ended our first day with my second car auction ever. I'll spare you more car photos because there are so many to come - but this was a lot of fun to watch!

Monterey County is at the start of Big Sur, so while Eric worked and Cliff golfed I decided to take a road trip down to see some of the Big Sur sites I'd missed last year due to the wildfires.

How spooky cool is Bixby Bridge in the fog? Toree and I had accidentally passed this on our trip through last year, so I'm glad I got to stop and see it!

My goal for the day was to make it to hike McWay Falls - which was closed the year before due to wildfires. Unfortunately, I didn't do any reading beforehand and the PCH is closed right before it after the mudslides last year. Foiled again by natural disasters!

With my day suddenly opened up, I didn't know what to do. Thankfully my mom follows an artist on Instagram and recommend I go visit her temporary studio in Monterey. Plantillo is an artist that makes these incredible succulent pillows and other decor - so it was very cool to see! Her studio was on this really unique compound of small artist studios, a bar, and a restaurant - with random art strewn between.

Sabine of Plantillo recommended I head to Succulent Gardens down the road. Ya'll this place is the MECCA of succulents. Greenhouse after greenhouse of plants - all of them beautiful and at such a great price. I was so sad I couldn't bring any home with me!

Sorry for the gratuitous plant photos...

I met back up with Cliff after his golf day to grab drinks on one of the courses in Pebble Beach. We had some amazing views and a bagpiper playing in the distance. I've never felt so fancy!

The eclipse happened at the end of our stay in Pebble Beach, so we trekked to the top of the mountain our cabin was on for a good view. It was so foggy we didn't even need the solar eclipse glasses I'd brought along, and we unfortunately didn't get to experience the total eclipse like our friends back on the east coast. Still glad we got to catch it at least!

I've got to close out this post with a funny story. Remember the crazy drive to our cabin I described? Well on our second night driving up we noticed this giant mountain lion staring us down on one of the curves. We all posted to social media and were raving the whole night about it. Of course the next day on our drive down we all realized it was just statue. Haha - whoops!

Pebble Beach/Carmel/Monterey Recommendations: