It's a snow day here in Charlotte, so I thought it would be the perfect day for a throwback post to our winter trip to Visby at the end of 2016 (no snow in these pictures, but trust me, it was cold). 

After our visit to Copenhagen, we flew to Visby for a quick 2 night trip. Visby is a small island off the coast of Sweden known for it's amazing medieval preservation. The town center – where we stayed/explored – is surrounded by old castle walls and filled with old ruins. It's amazing to see such a mix of old and new working together. 

While our time spent in Visby was beautiful, it was certainly cold and many things were closed down for the winter. As the Australian bartender we met told us: "I think you missed the season mate!". Luckily there was still plenty for us to fill our quick trip itinerary with and the town was so peaceful without many tourists. Hopefully we can return someday in warmer weather!

We stayed in a hotel in the town center and immediately started exploring once we got settled. So cool to see cars driving through castle walls!

As I'd mentioned in my Copenhagen post, BBQ is having it's time in the sun in Scandinavia right now. We found a great BBQ place (Bad Wolf BBQ) for food and beers that was actually opened by a Texas couple. We were lucky to be the only ones in the restaurant at the time and had a great time learning about the area from the bartender there.

After dinner we immediately rushed out to the harbor to catch sunset. So cold, but worth it!

The following day was all about exploring the ruins. There are several medieval cathedral ruins within the town center that were so neat to check out.

This place had the most picturesque views!

We wandered around St. Mary's Cathedral for a bit to escape the cold. Doesn't it look like it's straight out of a fairy tale?

Of course I made friends with a cat on our walk...

Savory crepes is another big food item we saw around Sweden, so we had to stop and grab some for lunch at Creperie & Logi. This place did not disappoint - and those walls/ceiling/floors gave me all the heart eyes!

We decided to catch one final sunset by the water - had to take advantage of being on an island! This place was so freaking peaceful.

For dinner, we enjoyed a British-style pub called Black Sheep Arms then headed out for drinks at Surfers - an asian/tiki inspired place. Surfers was the only place on the island PACKED - presumably with college students. The menu looked great and the drinks were so tasty.

Such a nice, peaceful break in a quick trip through Denmark and Sweden. Our next stop was Stockholm - which I can't wait to share with you!

Visby Recommendations:




  • Castle Walls
  • St. Mary's Cathedral