Ok. So somehow more than a year has passed since Eric and I took our trip to Denmark and Sweden! Not sure how this happened, but pretty sure it was mostly just be being too lazy to edit all the photos. Thankfully, these pregnancy symptoms have kept me in the last few weeks and I was finally able to get them all ready to post!

Despite my lack of blogging about this trip, it was hands down one of my favorite vacations we've ever taken. With great design, public spaces, food, drinks, and scenery, Copenhagen and Stockholm quickly became my some of my favorite cities. Our original itinerary just included Sweden, but we realized it was so cheap to fly from Stockholm to other airports in Europe that we decided to do a quick 3 day trip to Copenhagen. We JAM PACKED those few days we had (sorry in advance for all the photos!), and had an amazing time. Sources for everywhere we visited at the bottom of this post.

We stayed in the up and coming neighborhood of Vesterbro, which had a lot of great restaurants and bars nearby. This was the view from our apartment - which you know I had all the heart eyes for!

We quickly learned that Scandinavia is having a thing with BBQ right now. For our first dinner we headed to War Pigs - a brewpub started by one of our favorite Danish brewers, Mikkeller. The food was AMAZING. Who knew we had to go to Europe for some bbq?

The next morning we headed to the food hall Torvehallerne before some site seeing. Grød - an all oatmeal food stand was a must for us and so delicious.

I'd stalked the Rundetaarn on instagram for a few weeks prior to the trip. This place is just so gorgeous! It's a 16th century tower with white walls all the way up and an amazing view of the city at the top.

We tried to sneak our way into the Rosenborg castle without paying with no luck (we cheap), so just spent our time exploring the beautiful grounds around it instead.

I was really looking forward to the botanical garden, but it was sadly closed during our entire stay. How dreamy does that greenhouse look?!

On our second day, we ventured a little outside of Copenhagen to Dyrehaven – or "Deer Park". The grounds are filled with beautiful trails and two types of deer. The Red deer - which are giant and make TERRIFYING growling noises that echo through the forest (google that one), and Fallow deer, which are little and let you get pretty close!

Dyrehaven just happens to lie behind Bakken - the world's oldest amusement park, which opened in 1583. Sadly, it wasn't running the time of year we went, but they do let you wander around the park even with it closed. It was equal parts creepy and cool seeing all the empty rides!

We then ubered back into Copenhagen to visit the Design Museum Denmark - which is so good ya'll. I have too many pictures of this place to share, but even the cafe and courtyard were beautiful.

My favorite exhibit was the 20th Century Crafts & Design, which is permanent at the museum and definitely worth a visit.

Our final stop of the trip was to the Nørrebro neighborhood, which was such an awesome experience. Public art everywhere. We arrived around rush hour and it's amazing to see everyone commuting through on bike.

We visited this neighborhood to see the Superkilen park - a large art project with this paved hill in the center and a red park filled with playground objects at the end. We had so much fun!

We ended the trip exploring the Jægersborggade, which might have been heaven for Eric and I. I'll spare you the millions of photos I took of just this street. Shops like "Sneakers & Coffee" for him, and plant and party shops for me. And of course we had to stop at our favorite brewery, Mikkeller! Till next time Copenhagen.

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