Tools I'm Using to Simplify My Home in 2016

If you've seen my resolutions this year, you know my goal is to simplify everything. A big part of that is geared toward my home. Last year felt like it was always a mess. Miley ate everything in sight because we leave things on the floor. We were wasting too much food, and we've had wayy too much excess trash for just two people. So this year I was ready to jump right into simplifying our home. 

I know we're only two months into the year, but I feel like an organizational/cleaning warrior already. Here are some of the tools and methods I've been using so far with awesome effects:

Capsule Wardrobe

Ok, I've actually been doing this one for a year now. If you've never heard of a capsule wardrobe, head over to the un-fancy blog stat – it's a closet lifesaver. The premise is that you only have about 40 pieces in your wardrobe - shoes and outerwear included. Everything else either goes into storage to be pulled out for another season, or gets donated. While this always gets a bit messy for me between seasons, it's saved me from impulse buys and spontaneous/bored shopping. 

Zero Waste

I bought this book at the beginning of the year, and it has truly changed my life. I plan on writing an entire blog post on it, but until then, just know I highly recommend the book. It gave me a new perspective on how much unnecessary trash I am wasting. It also gives lots of small steps you can take to reduce your waste over time so it doesn't seem overwhelming. If you're not ready to delve straight into the book, check out the author's blog. She shares plenty of tips that are in the book there, including my favorite: stopping junk mail!

Apartment Therapy's The Cure

This is a 21-day assignment sent out every January. I'll admit I didn't finish the entire thing in January, so I'm planning on going back through them this month. The assignments break organizing and cleaning your home into small manageable chunks. Everything I organized through this process has stayed that way for 2 months!

KonMari Method

Alright, so I actually haven't even read this book that everyone is raving about. However, plenty of bloggers and friends have read it so I feel like I've gotten enough good tips from it to count it as one of my simplifying tools! My biggest takeaway? If an object isn't giving you joy don't keep it. It's worked wonders on my closet!

So there you have it - everything I've been referencing to simplify my home. Have you guys read any of these blogs/books? Have any more great tools that I'm missing?