Hello 2016!

Happy New Year! Hope you all got to enjoy plenty of champagne, collards, and Christmas decor purging over the last couple days.

I love the new year as it's a time for me to reset and think about what I want to accomplish next. If you've read my previous new year's posts, you'll know I always set a million resolutions for myself – some of which I never even get around to thinking about in that year's time. This year, I'm just going to focus on one word and try to apply it to all aspects of my life:


As amazing as 2015 was, I did TOO much. I felt overwhelmed at times, unsure of what direction I wanted to take things. I want to change all of that this year. Here's a few of the things I'd like to simply in 2016:

  • The number of items I purchase and bring into my home. I want to spend less time cleaning and having to reorganize. I want to waste less of the items that I'm already purchasing, and I want to spend less time searching for things I already have.
  • My commitments. I want to simplify the number of projects, activities, events I take on so I have more time to focus on the projects I really care about.
  • My diet. Less processed foods. Less Dr. Pepper. Less Taco Bell. More vegetables.
  • My design focus. I like too many things and I want to do too many things. Sometimes I think it makes me look all over the place. This year I'd like to narrow down my interests and style, and create more cohesive work.

So that's my plan for 2016! Should be easier than running a daily mile or learning to sew :) What are your resolutions for this year?

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