Morgan Chicks 2.0

I may have just become a crazy chicken lady, and I'm ok with it. 

A few weeks ago, we added 4 fuzzy new chicks to our flock! You may remember the first three chicks I got almost a year ago. Well it turns out, Joan ended up being a Roger and Betty a Don. City ordinances don't allow us to keep roosters (they crow ALL the time). So as much as I loved my roosters, I had to let them go. Thanks to all my sweatered chicken pictures (yes, those were actually useful), I found a new home for them within an hour with a cute little family from the outskirts of Charlotte who wanted some roosters to keep as pets. 

After that I was left with just two chickens, Peggy and Mona – an ~8 year old hen that was getting beat up by my mom's flock so she was given to me. Needless to say, these guys aren't great layers. I get maybe 5 small eggs a week between the two of them. Also, with just two chickens I was worried about them being outside all winter. Silkies are especially bad at keeping warm if there's a draft or if their feathers are wet. Every night if it got below freezing I'd bring them into a pen I made in our outdoor storage closet. Yep, crazy chicken lady, I know.

So what do you do when you have all these issues because you only have 2 chickens? Get more of course! I couldn't find any silkies in my area, so I ended up driving 2.5 hours for these new babies. The chicks are living in a storage bin in our downstairs bathroom - which Eric gives me a little side eye about everyday, but it's so nice to have chicks around again! They're incredibly easy to care for, there's something that's so quintessentially "spring" about them, and how can you not love those little bodies!

To round out my full crazy-chicken-lady status, I've finally made an instagram for these guys. Follow along with @MorganChicks for daily chicken updates and cuteness. 

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