Honeymooning: Geneva

Geneva...what to say about you. To be honest, I wasn't a fan of this city. We ended up staying in an airbnb that was worse than my NC State Dorm room (yet still pricey), and went into a bit of shock at the cost of things. We needed a quick meal as soon as we arrived, so we stopped at McDonald's and cried a little as we shelled out $26 USD for two cheeseburger meals :'( 

The reason we stopped in Geneva in the first place, was to go to CERN: home of the world's largest particle collider. My nerdy husband booked our entire honeymoon around touring this lab. Sadly, the collider had just gone back online (meaning we couldn't go see it), and one of the museums was closed. The tour itself was pretty interesting though, and I even learned a few things - did you know CERN was birthplace to the world wide web, touch screen technology, and MRI's? Pretty cool.

Once we got back to Geneva and began wandering around, we realized there wasn't much to do for the poor commonfolk like us. Most restuarants were inside fancy hotels, and we never saw any interesting shops or galleries to explore. Lake Geneva is beautiful though, and was filled with baby swans (which you know I loved!). We finally stumbled into a charming cafe that overlooked the lake, and served up some pretty amazing tapas at a fair price. Score! 

So in the end, our trip to Geneva wasn't completely awful, but I'm pretty thankful we only spent a day there!

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