Honeymooning: Lyon

After Paris, Eric and I headed by train through the countryside to one of our favorite parts of the honeymoon. Nestled between two rivers with a huge castle-like church overlooking the city, Lyon is equal parts urban sprawl and charming fairytale town. 

We stayed in an awesome airbnb. A completely modern apartment housed in a building that was several hundred years old (the spiral staircases were amazing, but pretty hard to navigate late at night with no building lights). After checking in, we explored along the Saone River. Most of the city's touristy restaurants and shops are housed on two streets, which was awful if you want to avoid crowds, but it certainly made navigation easy. One street we nicknamed "Treat Alley" because we just walked along gorging ourselves at chocolate shops, gelato stands, creperies, and finally, a candy store with barrels full of gummies. We also stuffed ourselves with pasta from Mozzato, a fancy Italian-French fusian restaurant with pretty affordable prices. 

We meant to do a lot on day two, but accidentally woke up at 1:30. Whoops. Since we had some extra energy, we ended up hiking the streets to the top of the city, where we explored a small letterpress studio, ate macaroons, and enjoyed some amazing views.

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