2017 Resolutions

I know we're already halfway through January, but better late than never right?

Every year I set some resolutions. It's a way for me to keep myself accountable for the goals I set. Last year I opted to set a one-word resolution. I thought this was a great way to go about shifting all aspects of your life towards one happy center. This year though, I was only coming up with the word "Intention". While I think it's a great thing to strive for, I think everyone and their grandma (ok, mostly just girls on Instagram), has set that as their resolution at some point. So back to a list of resolutions for me...

Here's what I've set for 2017:

Focus on the home

We traveled a lot last year and booked ourselves up with tons of activities. As a result, our home kind of became an afterthought. It was always a mess, basic maintenance things never got done, and projects we want to complete around our house have been put on the backburner since we've spent most of our money traveling. As much as I love to travel and do all sorts of things outside the house, it's only good if you can bring those experiences back with you and integrate them into your home. This year I'd like to put a little more focus into making my home a stress-free zone and place I want to be.   

Focus on my own work a little more

Last year I did a lot of focusing on other people whether it was through meetups or freelance work. While these experiences helped me grow myself, a lot of my projects fell to the wayside. This year I'm going try to change that! I'd love to finally launch my personal portfolio site, share more work from NMC, complete more of my side projects/ideas, and blog more both here and on the NMC blog.

Get back into a healthy routine

I was looking back at the last few years, and the years where I felt the best and had the best routines down where the years I spent running. So, I've signed up for another half this year in Nashville and grabbed a bunch of yoga classes thanks to NC Yoga Bar. Really excited to add a little more routine back into my life and start feeling good in the process!

Handle stress better

I was inspired by the Love Taza blog for this one (ps - if you love reading blogs about cute families, this one is a must). I've come to terms with the fact that I will always create stress for myself (I have a huge fear of being bored, so I'm always adding things). Often this stress leads to a huge breakdown though, especially before something big like a vacation or project due date. This is what I'd like to conquer. I'm hoping creating more healthy routines will help with this - but if you all have other suggestions for handling stress please throw them my way!

Continue to simplify

This was my resolution last year - and it seems like it took an entire year for it to finally "click". I'm excited to continue this year aiming for zero waste in my hope and minimizing my belongings. 

That's it! What were your resolutions this year?

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