West Coast Trip: Los Angeles

We've finally made it to our last stop on the west coast road trip! Ahhh Los Angeles. I visit LA every year to see family, but it was fun to visit with a friend that hadn't been there before so I could revisit some touristy things again. 

You can tell this was our last stop on the trip because 1) I've entirely stopped using my camera and just use my phone, and 2) All of my photos are super weird. Welcome to LA!

First up, a stop in Malibu at Matador Beach - one of my favorites!

Not going to lie, as soon as we hit LA traffic I turned into a hangry witch. Luckily we pushed through to meet up with our friend Wes and make it for a hike at Griffith Park right at magic hour!

How amazing was the apartment we stayed in?? I would kill for those windows.

Our apartment friend, Miso. Prepare yourselves for many more cat photos.

After dropping off Toree at the airport, I headed to see my grandma about an hour outside of LA. We ventured out to see some Route 66 stops that I'd been dying to see. Sadly, it was kind of disappointing. Most of the stops have been completely surrounded by strip malls and check cashing stores. I'd really wanted to stay at this Teepee Motel, but glad we just came for a quick photo instead.

This stop was actually pretty fun - we hit up the first McDonald's to tour the museum. It's free and filled with all kinds of fun history and McD's things.

It's also filled with nightmares...

I"m so digging the mural that was outside of the museum though!

My grandma's neighbor casually has a stagecoach in their yard.

I so wish my yard could look like this!

My last stop of the trip was a cat show for my friend's birthday. It was more than I could have ever imagined!

These cats live much better than I do.

My favorite was the "feather tickling" portion of the show - where they see how playful each cat is. It was amazing to watch!

Love how happy this guy was at his job.

That's LA! I'll of course be back again later this year, and will perhaps try taking some actual photos - ha! Not pictured in this post were stops at Guisados (my favorite tacos), Square One (my favorite brunch), a visit to the Scientology building, and a walk through downtown Montrose, which I would move to tomorrow. 

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