We're Having A Baby!

If you haven't heard the news yet, we're going to be parents! We are over the moon about this little one that will be arriving May 9, 2018!


So far pregnancy has been VERY different from what I have imagined. What I thought the first trimester would be like: running and yoga all the time, lots of kale and smoothies, and enjoying date nights out with my husband and friends. In reality, it's been puke town for 7 weeks (and counting - ugh), bacne, and rarely getting up from the couch/Real Housewives of New Jersey except to go through the McDonald's drive-thru for an Egg McMuffin (one of the few foods baby will let me consume). 

Needless to say it's been a big adjustment of my expectations and shifting from a usual busy-body, to someone that can just be content with getting through the average day! Thankfully, we are now into the second trimester, so I'm looking forward to leaving the nausea behind soon and finding that mysterious burst of energy I'm supposed to be getting. 

In the next few weeks we're planning to wrap up our big house renovations so we can get started on the nursery, and we'll get to find out the gender by mid-December (or sooner if I have my way!). I'm also going to put together a big bucket list of everything I'd like to do before baby. Got any tips for what I should include on it? Please send them my way!