It's been a busy weekend as we tried to take full advantage of the 70 degree weather outside. We tried to capture as much of it as we could before we return to cold winter temperatures next week, so I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to start another weekly photo post (and to test out this blog snippet my boss wrote that sets up these perfect photo grids). So here is our weekend crammed into one post!

1 & 2. It's become a weekend tradition in our apartment to have a roommate breakfast. This Saturday Annie made the cutest organic cinnamon initial pancakes for us!

3. A sleepy dog

4. We attended an almost entirely vegan and gluten-free potluck on Saturday. As a vegetarian, it was awesome to be able to eat anything on the table! Eric whipped up his black bean and corn salsa for the event.

5. Testing out the new Hornsby's. It was a little too sweet for me :(

6. For the potluck, I made these peanut butter and chocolate bars from this recipe. They are dangerous, as they taste exactly like a reese's peanut butter cup. Note: these were not vegan or gluten free, but they could be!

7. We took our first trip to Duke Gardens today. We had no idea this beautiful place was so close to us! If you live near Durham, it is a must see.

8. A man and his Italian Greyhound.

9. I love this pup.

10. This weekend was such a tease. I'm ready for spring!

11. Bella loved playing ball in the gardens. We will definitely be back next weekend!