If you are one of those people who hates Valentine's Day, I apologize for the constant stream of VDay love over here. Promise this is my last Valentine's post of 2013!

1. I woke up early the day after Valentines in an attempt to make these doughnuts. Unfortunately, I am not a skilled doughnut decorator and completely forgot about the arrows. Lucky for us though, these were delicious and tasted like straight sugar (which is all I want from my doughnuts anyways).

2. After an iron malfunction that almost set Eric's shirt on fire and definitely burnt one of our towels, we finally got all dressed up for our double dinner date. Note: never wear 4-inch heels, no matter how close the restaurant you're heading to is to your apartment.

3. Annie and Nathan all dolled up for our dinner date.

4 & 5. We had our post-Valentine's dinner at Blu Seafood, which we've been dying to try out since it's only about 100 feet from our house. Eric had been dreaming of oysters for weeks, but was dissuaded by the pay-per-oyster price and sadly only ordered five, unphotogenic fried oysters. Annie ordered the best dish, and while it was terrifying since it stared at me the entire meal, it tasted AWESOME. Annie's ordering tip: always order the special at seafood restaurants because it is the freshest. 

6. Still hungry, we returned to the apartment to devour leftover treats.

7. Happy Valentine's 2013!