1. If you follow me on Instagram, you already know I woke up to this sweet present from Eric on Valentine's day :)

2. Bella woke up to her own gift too of course, which she ran around with for one whole minute before climbing back into bed.

3. I made the best homemade, heart-shaped ravioli using this recipe, but I substituted wonton wrappers for the homemade pasta dough. I will definitely be making more non-heart-shaped ravioli in the future!

4. Eric gave this scary creature a kiss in Whole Foods for a free lobster tail. It was definitely worth it. 

5. A heart-shaped baguette.

6. I snagged an extra valentine one of my co-workers brought into work that day. Apparently these were made from a Target kit, so cute! Why did we only get those crappy pieces of cardboard as kids?

7. The dinner was delicious. Although deciding to make ravioli from scratch, lobster tail, asparagus, and chocolate-covered strawberries all after work and after an intense Insanity workout, was an extremely terrible and stressful idea!

8. Bella always has to have a seat at the table these days.

9. Annie made the tastiest chocolate-covered strawberries. 

10. My Valentine <3 We followed up our dinner by watching Blue Valentine (it was terrible, even with Ryan Gosling), and ended the night with the No Cry Challenge to determine whether or not Eric had a soul. Needless to say, Annie and I couldn't make it past the 4th video so we will never know!