My mom has always been a huge animal and plant lover. Growing up, she'd take us to to all kinds of farm tours, lily pad farms, and garden centers. When I saw that Urban Ministries of Wake County was organizing the Tour D'Coop a few months ago, I knew it would make the perfect mother's day present!

The Tour D'Coop was an urban chicken coop and garden tour through homes all over Raleigh.  My whole family came up to check out everyone's yards for the day, and we had a blast. Each of the homes we visited was so unsuspecting. They seemed so typical from the street, but you'd walk into such lavish backyards with amazing gardens, greenhouses, ponds, and decked out chicken coops. My favorite was a coop decorated with a fancy blue chandelier, potted plants, and mirrors for each of the chickens! Can I move into one of these backyards please?!