We were cooped up a few days last week due to a rare Triangle snowstorm, so I had plenty of time to surf the internet. Here's a round up of my favorite things as of late:


I got my first order from this new online craft spirits store the other day and I'm in love! I like to try out new liquors, but I often feel overwhelmed in the store and our nearest ABC store has a pretty small selection of anything unique. Plus, liquor delivered to your doorstep? Yes, please!


Finally tried out this program for web design layouts and loved it. After returning to photoshop for a few older designs I already felt bogged down and can't wait to switch over to Sketch permanently. Review coming soon!

New Big Spaceship Site

I think this agency redesigned their site a couple months ago, but I just saw it for the first time last week. I'm loving their menu, big images, and creative case study layouts (something I've been working on for the new NMC site too!). 

Valentine's Day

Ok, not on the internet, but I'm a sucker for this holiday! The snow melted by dinnertime on Friday, so we were able to make it to our last-minute dinner reservation (thank you Open Table!).  We went with our roommates to the Little Dipper, an affordable fondue restaurant in Durham that also uses a lot of local ingredients–we will be returning! We then made some valentine's themed cookies, joined some friends for drinks downtown, and I finally got my nails painted! To top it all off, we snapped a few cute photos with Annie and Nathan before dinner: