Sunflowers With My Girl

I have been wanting to a photoshoot in a sunflower field for FOREVER, so when our friend Carissa posted that she was looking to do some shoots when the fields came in bloom I jumped at the chance! We set up a fun mom and mini session – don't worry, you know I'll make Eric take family photos with us at another point this year.

The fields are part of the Draper Wildlife Management Area - which is a huge land trust about 30 minutes south of Charlotte. It's primarily used for hunting and fishing – so the huge fields of sunflowers and corn are planted to feed and attract the dove population. If you want to grab photos for yourself, the sunflowers are usually in bloom around the first week of July. We sadly were a few days early to see full bloom, but there were enough open for some photos and we took some shots in the corn field which I actually love even more!

Now, I had very low expectations for these photos. We had an hour drive to the fields, and then a 5 minute hike with EP and all of our outfits to get to the location. We were shooting at 8:30 in the morning and it was already 85 degrees - thank you Carolina summer weather! To top it all off I officially have a toddler that is too distracted for photos, thank goodness she at least can't run away yet. 

Carissa hit it out of the park though and these are some of my favorite photos with my baby girl. I can just imagine doing more photos with her here as she gets older, and I can't wait to return!