Our adventure through Scandinavia continues! Eric and I headed to Stockholm for a few days after visiting Copenhagen and Visby. While it's hard for me to choose a favorite city from this trip, let me tell you, Stockholm is the home of MY PEOPLE. Beautiful architecture, an appreciation for good design, great food, and a love for indoor plants (there were plant shops everywhere!). If only it were a little warmer, I would move here in a heartbeat. 

Perhaps I was busy taking everything in, but I feel like I have surprisingly few photos from our stay in the city. Here's a walkthrough of what I did capture:

We were starving upon our arrival and immediately went to stuff our faces with Swedish meatballs. I am obsessed and got these a few times on the trip. They are traditionally served with pureed potatoes, lingonberries, and pickles - so tasty!

One of the highlights of this trip was visiting Rosendals Trädgård, a public garden. Even in the cold weather it was stunning to wander around.

Scandinavia knows how to do breakfast. I had so much yogurt and granola on this trip!

We spent another day wandering around Gamla Stan - or Old Town. The old streets were so charming!

I think the highlight of Eric's trip was the Nobel Museum.

Could we visit Scandinavia without stopping in a Marimekko store? Oh I wish I could have brought back all the fabric!

While we visited a few other places in the city, we spent most of our time in the Södermalm neighborhood, which I'd liken to Brooklyn. It's very artsy, hip, with great shops on every corner.

Parlans! This caramel shop was a big highlight for me and you can see them making them right in the shop. They had very limited hours, but if you ever make it to Stockholm be sure to add this to the itinerary.

One trend we noticed in the city was low abv beers – which I kind of dig. We actually found an entire bottle shop dedicated to beers under 3%.

Eric's favorite store was definitely this clothing shop, Club and Spades. I think he's ordered a few things from them since we've been back too haha.

Our favorite eatery by far was Omnipollos Hatt - a brewery/wood-fired pizza restaurant. We actually came here twice in our three day stay because we realized it was the cheapest/good place we could eat - ha!

On our final night we headed to a completely unmarked speakeasy that takes over a juice bar at night. It was definitely a fun way to end our trip!

Stockholm Recommendations:


  • Meatballs For The People
  • Bakfikan (for traditional Swedish food)
  • Urban Deli
  • Hermans (awesome vegetarian buffet - but it try to go at an off hour as it is very crowded!)
  • Omnipollos Hatt
  • Parlans



  • We stayed in an Airbnb that I'm pretty sure was student housing illegally rented out - so I'm not going to recommend it haha. I will say that you should definitely stay in the Sodermalm neighborhood though! Lots to do and close to public transportation to Gamla Stan.