Someone needs a sibling

The amount of pictures and time I spend talking about my dog, I do not post about her enough on the blog! So what a perfect end to a week where I successfully posted EVERY DAY! Big accomplishment here. Now back to the dog...

Since our move, I've felt Bella was a little depressed. Yes, she gets to spend all day with me now and lay in bed until 2pm (her favorite thing). However, I think she secretly misses going into an office and seeing other people and dogs, or seeing our old roommate around the house! So she tends to mope around all day even with all the fancy new toys I keep buying her.

My solution? She needs a sibling! A new puppy around to keep her busy and wear her out. Only problem is, apparently I got Bella for "recession pricing", as the Italian Greyhound market has been marked up by about 300% since I got her.

What do you guys think I should do? Will she even like a new brother or sister (she's kind of a meanie)? Also, if you know of any leads for some affordable Iggys, I'd love to hear 'em!