I've been away from the blog for the last couple weeks busily preparing for our 2nd Halloween party in the Treehaus (that's the nickname for our loft). After forcing everyone in the apartment to take part in my hellish Pinterest crafts again (I think I had Eric and Annie hammering nails into a board late one night...), I can happily say the party was awesome and we had a blast!

We had our usual Halloween treats like pumpkin bread, and test tube and syringe jello shots. Our major project for this party was a slo-mo video booth (you may have seen this one online a few months ago). It took awhile for people to warm up to the idea of doing something in front of the video camera, especially since they didn't have the instant gratification of seeing the photos like we had in the photo booth at our last party. But it ended up being a ton of fun, and I can't wait to see the footage!

I think my favorite part of the entire night however, were the costumes. Our guests put out all the stops, and we were visited by Sharknado, Jessie Pinkman and Jane, a Panda and Koala, Tobias from Arrested Development, Linda and Bob of Bob's Burgers, a Minecraft character, the 11th Doctor, and a guy gone full-on Lady Gaga complete with 7-inch heels. While I initially thought my costume was lame compared to everyone elses, it paid to be trendy and I won $50 in the costume contest at the bar down the street!

Without further ado, here are a few pictures from the night. Warning, I was in full-character throughout the night so there is a lot of tongue!