Peru Part IV: Salineras de Maras and Moray

I know what you're thinking. Is this girl ever going to stop posting about Peru? My trip was now over six months ago, but I still have a few more posts of some amazing things we saw while there. 

The day after Machu Picchu, we started our trek outside of the Sacred Valley to Cusco. On the way, our driver took us to a few tourist sites. The drive out of the valley was even more beautiful than going in. Wonderful views of the Andes, lots of rolling green hills and gorgeous farm fields. 

The first stop was to the Salineras, which are pre-Incan salt mines. The place was massive, and they still mine salt from the ponds, which is pretty cool to see. We couldn't leave there without getting a tasty packet of salt to take home with us.

Our last stop was another site of pre-Incan ruins called Moray. I'm so glad our hostess from Urubamba recommended we go here because it was one of the most beautiful places we visited. The ruins were believed to be used for agriculture experiments, since when you walked to the bottom it was a full 10 degrees colder than it was at the top. Pretty cool stuff. Not to mention it was surrounded by some spectacular views.

Enjoy the photos! Soon I'll post up our trip to Cusco.