No matter how you feel about Miley Cyrus, the girl puts on a good show. We all know how much I love Miley, so I really lucked out when one of my friends had an extra ticket to her Bangerz Tour concert in Charlotte two weeks ago. 

Never have a I been to a more entertaining show. There were custom animations playing in the background of each song, fireworks, a giant fuzzy flamingo, a pyramid, dancing cats, women twerking, confetti, balloons, a husky as tall as the arena, and all sorts of bottom-baring costumes. Oh, and of course Miley rode out of the arena on a flying hot dog. Amazing.

I unfortunately couldn't bring my real camera into the concert. All I could get were some awful cell phone pics, but I thought you may want to see a glimpse of the show anyways! If Miley ever comes through your city, I highly recommend going. Best concert I've ever been to!