I was searching through my blog feed the other day and couldn't believe I hadn't already posted about this!

You may recognize Annie and Nathan from several of my blog posts. Annie, and Nathan unofficially, were my roommates when I lived up in Durham. I had the honor of taking their engagement photos (yeah, not sure how they trusted me with this!), and designing the website for their November wedding

Since it's launch I've gotten tons of praise on the site, especially from the wedding guests – so I thought it was high time for me to show it off here. Annie and Nathan wanted a very clean, modern looking site where all the information was easy to see. I think that's partially why everyone loved it so much. Everything a wedding guest needed was right there.

Nathan and Annie Wedding Website

Some of the neat features of this site included a slider timeline of their relationship, pull out details of everything from the reception to the couple's favorite things to do in the area, and a blog where Annie has kept guests informed about the wedding planning and their photos. 

Eric and I returned from the wedding a little over a week ago, and we could not have had more fun. The weekend proved to be a great time hanging out with so many of their friends I'd grown close to while living with them (or meeting people I'd heard so much about), and bonding over these two great friends! Now I'm all kinds of excited to start planning my own wedding! 

Nathan and Annie engagement photo

P.S. I also can't explain how excited I was to see one of the photo's I took blown up to poster size!