Moorten's Botanical Garden

Not sure about you, but after the last few weeks I could use some warmth. When I was going through images for my DesignerVaca post a few weeks ago, I came across my pictures from my favorite part of my trip to Palm Springs: Moorten's Botanical Garden. This place is a plant geek's dream, with thousands of types of cacti were on the property including a "cactarium", or greenhouse, filled with specialty kinds. 

At the end of the gardens is a nursery where you can pot up your own cacti. There were so many awesome kinds and they were all so much cheaper than what I pay at Lowe's or the nursery's here, I couldn't stop myself from creating two pots despite the fact I had a flight back home the next day. I chatted with the owner and his friend before leaving, and it turns out his parents started the gardens in the 1930s. We laughed about how "young" Palm Springs was becoming and argued over which heat was worse - hot, dry desert or humid NC. I left super happy with my new succulents and camera full of photos.