In Case You Thought I Had My Life Together vol. 1

 I typically try to be project optimisim in this space and on social media. It's always a bit nicer to look back and see the highlights, but sometimes I just want to share the comically bad stuff that happens around here haha. Hoping to make this a reoccuring series, because life definitely isn't a picture-perfect instagram feed! 

  1. Cloth diapering is basically like learning to diaper all over again. Yesterday while changing we had a poo-splosion that resulted in poo everywhere...including ELLIOTT’S HAIR. Yikes.
  2. I haven’t worn my $6k Invisalign since I got pregnant, except for a few times to jam it on there and make sure it will still fit. Currently dodging all calls from my orthodontist...
  3. The chickens have a badddd scaley leg mites infection- bugs that bury in their leg scales and cause build up, pain, and eventually some missing toes. It got exacerbated during the end of my pregnancy and Elliott’s arrival when I couldn’t really go out and examine their feet. Now I’ll be spending all weekend treating them, which includes scrubbing their coop and bathing their legs in oil everyday.
  4. In addition to the leg mites - we have a flea and palmetto bug (read: roach) problem at the house. #sendhelp
  5. I thought I’d have time for hobbies on my maternity leave, so our house is cluttered with puzzles, $100 worth of new painting supplies, books, and sewing equipment, and I’ve used all of it only once!
  6. Speaking of maternity leave - I only have 3 weeks left and I’m absolutely terrified as the only thing I’ve designed in 3 months is a cassette tape case for my husband’s band haha.
  7. I spent $40 on a blow up pool - used it a total of 30 minutes, and now it’s essentially a fancy heated dog bed for Miley