It only took about four years of constant envy over other bloggers and countless nights of saying "I think I'll start a blog today...", but I've finally made it onto the internet!

One of my big goals lately has been to increase my presence on the web somewhere other than Pinterest. You'd think as a web developer this would've happened a long time ago, but you can take one look at my portfolio "website" to see just how motivated I've been in the personal web development department. In addition to making some space for me on the web, I'm hoping I'll get a little more comfortable writing and sharing my work, two things I am INCREDIBLY self-conscious about.  

Now that you know the reasoning behind this blog, here is a little about me. I'm a recent UNC grad living in the Bull City along with my boyfriend, roommate and Italian Greyhound, Bella. I've got an amazing job working as a front-end developer for New Media Campaigns. In my spare time you'll find me at a hot yoga class, testing out the newest hard cider, snuggling with my pup, or exploring Durham. 

Well, I think that's enough for one first-blog-post. I'm looking forward to having you follow along!