Happy Birthday Eric!

Today my husband turns 30! I don't talk about him enough on this space, but I couldn't be more grateful to have this guy around. He's the true yin to my yang - always calming me down when I'm stressed, supporting all my endeavors and attending the events I put on (and if you know me, that's a lot of freaking events), cleaning up my messes around the house, and going along with all my zero-waste ideas. He's passionate and incredibly talented, and no one else I know spends their Friday nights writing science posts for instagram :p 

This year marks 10 birthdays together. Eric and I's birthdays are only a week apart, and follow what seems like every one of our closest friends and family member's birthdays earlier this month too. This can sometimes mean we are just rushing through what we've deemed "birthday month" and we don't really get to focus on each other's birthdays too much. I thought it might be fun to look back some of his birthdays over the last 10 years. I don't have every year (it's hard to believe there was a time we weren't constantly snapping photos!), but there's a few gems in there!

20. Joint birthday party with one of our best girlfriend's Dayan (her birthday is the 22nd!) Eric is sad he didn't know about "golden birthdays" until now.

21. Check out the hair! We rode Charlotte's BRAND NEW light rail with our friend Nicole and a foreign exchange student living with Eric's family. Explored uptown, went to discovery place, dinner at Carrabas. Classic Charlotte birthday!

22. I threw Eric a surprise party at our favorite restaurant at the time - Chili's. We had low standards back then :)

25. The first themed and joint birthday for us. Mad Men style in our first apartment together in Durham.

26. Joint Mustache and Whiskey Party. We thought it was ironic to be hipster and throw a hipster party.

27. We went to see Book of Mormon at DPAC.

28. Joint birthday and housewarming party! We had just moved in exactly a week before this and all of our family and friends filled up the place. So much love!

29. Two weeks of celebrating! We rock climbed at the new Inner Peaks, Toree let Eric beat her at Gold Sprints ;), we all ventured out for lunch at Kindred and tried our hand at an escape room.

30! Eric didn't want to make a big deal over this year, so we just had a fun night in with friends. The best!

Happy 30th Eric. Can't wait for the next ten birthdays. I love you!