A friend of mine was telling me about one of her favorite conversations she's heard between Eric and I the other day. It was shortly after the two of us had moved in together in Durham, and went something like this:

Amanda: "Do you guys think you'll move again?"

Me: "Probably when we move to Charlotte"

Eric: "We're moving to Charlotte?!"

Me: "Probably when we have babies"

Eric: "We're having babies?!"

Well we're not having babies (sorry Eric's mom), but the time came for us to head back to our hometown on Sunday. 

We both already miss Durham A LOT (is there anyone who lives there that isn't obsessed with it??). We miss our giant apartment that didn't require downsizing, familiar faces every time we went to the grocery store, knowing all the good restaurants around us. But mostly, we miss all the amazing people we met over the years. Our last week was filled with going away parties and get togethers with some great friends and coworkers that made this move really bittersweet. 

Thankfully this move hasn't been all bad. My new neighborhood is super vibrant. There's always a band playing, people walking by, or some sort of event going on at one of the restaurants around here. I've discovered some awesome ribs and a cute yoga place. I've also only needed my car once this week - everything I need is in a two-block radius! It's also been nice to be closer to our family, and Eric is digging his new weekly commute.

So here's to new adventures in Charlotte, and visiting Durham again soon. If you've got any tips for things I must do in the Queen City - let me know!


Top Photo by James Willamor