Elliott Poe Turns One!

My little girl is a whole year old! I truely cannot believe it - it feels like just yesterday when we first met her in the hospital. This year has been so challenging in all the best ways – Eric and I have truely become better people, and our hearts have grown a million times over. Enough about us though, this is about EP!

Elliott has been a mama's girl since day one – and even though I'm running on fumes much of the time, I truely cherish all of the one-on-one time she wants to spend with me. She is quiet, but a spitfire at the same time - she knows exactly what she wants and won't have it any other way haha. I already know she is going to do great things one day with such a leading personality! She is so smiley - and the first thing folks always comment and compliment her own is her mouth full of teeth. She absolutely loves animals and any other baby or child. I could go on all day about her...we are just a tiny bit obsessed!

For her birthday last month we held a party with just family very close friends. Having everyone together was so special and made for one of the best days ever. We ordered a smash cake from one of our favorite local bakeries, and had a delicous quesadilla bar (complete with a George Foreman grill - hello 1997!). Elliott was so funny with her cake - she definitely enjoyed it but was so serious while eating it and paced herself. Is she even our child??

Our amazing friend Bella has just started her own photography business and was kind enough to shoot some photos throughout the entire party. They came out SO CUTE you guys - so I had to just share a few of them with you here. The ones of her wearing her little birthday crown and holding the balloons - YA'LL I CAN'T EVEN! :)