I realize I’m a bit late on this post. I’m currently just about done with week 3 on the diet and well into the re-introduction phase.  

I actually have very little to report from my second week, but I can say I was feeling a ton better! Only had one day early in the week where I wasn’t feeling too well. The perk to that is, I may be on to something. The downside? I probably have to give up something tasty from my diet forever.

Here’s a few other thoughts and things I learned through week two: 

  • It does get easier. Once I established a routine, I didn’t have all the cravings and withdrawals I experienced during the first couple weeks I was cutting things out. I learned to keep plenty of snacks on hand and eat frequently to avoid having any meltdowns. Foods I snacked on constantly to keep me sane: Go Raw Banana Bread Flax Seed Bars, sprouted watermelon seeds (weird, but only filling), vegan ice cream bars, and lots of rice with fresh fruit on top like mangos, pineapples, and bananas
  • After a little more research I realized I could eat buckwheat. I quickly ran out and grabbed a buckwheat cereal and started eating that with coconut milk every morning. While it did satisfy my morning cereal cravings (I’m a daily cereal person), it was not nearly as good as a bowl of cheerios with real milk.
  • This diet is EXPENSIVE. It costs a lot to keep running to the grocery store to get fresh fruit, veggies, and chicken or fish every day. Even though I did cut out buying drinks for the last few weeks, my bank account took quite a beating. The $9/bag of watermelon seeds are probably to blame…
  • You can’t get grilled chicken everywhere. I realize my statement last week wasn’t really accurate for people who want to eat organic, free-range chicken (which you who should on this diet). I found this out the hard way when I went to a pizza restaurant with my coworkers and watched them eat delicious looking calzones while I ate a sad looking salad with iceberg lettuce and cucumbers.
  • WINE. By Friday my symptoms had completely disappeared for almost the full week, so I figured I could go ahead and start the re-introduction process before my upcoming trip to LA. First food to reintroduce? White wine. Yes, that makes me sound like an alcoholic, but I knew alcohol was an unlikely cause to my issues since I don’t drink that often and I’d been having natural sugars the entire diet. Plus I had a wedding the next day and wanted to have a good time. Never have two glass of Pinot Grigio tasted so good…


Week 3 for me ends today, and it's also my first full day on vacation in LA. I’ve learned more this last week than I have the entire diet, so get ready for the next post!