When I was traveling out to Dallas for Circles Conference a few weeks ago, I decided to fly out a day early to hang out with my friends Dayan and Zach who had recently moved there. While Texas proved to be super hot and muggy, but I had so much fun exploring! I was so surprised by the amount of art and culture crammed into the few small nooks of the city I saw. 

I got in pretty late the first night, but we had time to head to dinner at Kalachandjis, a super affordable and delicious vegetarian buffet in the Hari Krishna temple. Afterwards, they introduced me to Slow Magic, which I'd highly recommend to anyone who enjoys electronic music. But let's face it, I'd love anyone performing in a light up zebra mask.

Dayan and Zach live in a super artsy, up-and-coming neighborhood called Deep Ellum. Day two was spent exploring all of the awesome graffiti, architecture, and sculptures around the neighborhood. We ate at Buzzbrews, a 24-hour vegetarian diner, and enjoyed some tasty fried pies from the Original Fried Pie Shop on top of a misted rooftop deck (always a plus in hot cities). Dayan then took me to Dealey Plaza where Kennedy was assassinated, and we checked out the AMAZING view of the city from the top of the Reunion Tower. Reunion Tower also has a great little interactive history lesson on Kennedy's assassination and other landmarks in Dallas if you want to skip the fee at the Sixth Floor Museum.

Last but not least, we headed to HG Supply Co. for dinner, where I fell in love with everything from their branding to the cocktails. The restaurant's spiel is a little like something off of Portlandia, but the food was SO good. 

Can't wait to make another trip to Dallas with Eric in tow. Perhaps we'll go in the winter though :)