Bridal Portraits

I'm back! Eric and I just returned from an amazing honeymoon in Europe. We had the best time adventuring in France and Switzerland the last two weeks, but it feels so good to be home back with our fur children.

Blogging has taken a backseat for awhile with moving, conferences, and wedding planning, but I'm so excited to get back at it and finally share my bridal portraits with you today! This post is probably going to take forever to load, but I couldn't help but share all of them with you.

I immediately hired our wedding photographers (Russel Killen) after seeing the gorgeous fairytale-like photos they shot for my friends Drew and Morgan's wedding and bridal portraits. We did my bridal shoot back in October (feels like forever ago now!). I had a really hard time settling on a location for the shoot, but ultimately chose Freedom Park in Charlotte, NC. It's by far the most beautiful park in the city, and holds all kinds of special memories from when Eric used to live across the street and we'd take day-dates over there to lay in the sun or go on runs.

Getting ready for the shoot was a bit stressful. Thanks to Pinterest, I went a little prop crazy. When I couldn't initially find an antique chair, I spent $50 rush ordering a couple giant balloons online that ended up getting lost in the mail, then running all over Charlotte to buy more. I bought every giant, blush-colored balloon I could find just so I didn't run into the problem again. If you need to buy any, I'm your girl. 

I ended up getting a vintage chair from a family friend last minute and a couple beautiful bouquets put together by my mom. Prop dreamland!

In the end, the bridal portraits were totally worth any stress I felt leading up to them. I was able to figure out how my dress fit, my makeup, and my hairstyle beforehand. I also got to spend some time and see how my photographers worked before the 12 hours of craziness that is wedding day. Plus I got some gorgeous photos out of it that I would have never had time for on the day of!\

Photography: Russell Killen Photo | Hair: Lauren Villa | Dress: Free People