Perhaps it was my most recent trip to the mountains this past weekend, but I was super nostalgic for our 4th of July trip to Asheville and realized I hadn't posted any photos! I was a bit busy gathering footage for the video, so I didn't get to take as many pictures as I would have liked. Hope you enjoy these phone photos instead!

1/ Patriotic right down to my pinky.

2/ Birthday boy and roommate

3/ Eric had a lot of trouble opening up our giant new umbrella. This happened about 5 more times that weekend!

4/ We love the straw wrapper roses they make at Thai Orchid

5/ Typical Nathan camera pose

6/ Yarn Wars! The most awesome yarn shop window display

7/ The biggest (and tastiest) blueberry walnut pancake at Tupelo Honey

8/ Asheville monkeys

9/ That's hand shaved ice in my drink from MG Road!

10/ Lavender breath mints from our favorite candy store, Laughing Masks. (they were terrible, but effective!)

11-12/ Pictures in front of our awesome airbnb bungalow